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10 October 2010 @ 05:05 am
Welcome to afton_fic, the only place where you'll find fanfiction written by me, Emily!

Most of the rules can be found in the profile so I won't be redundant by posting them here, but there are a couple other rules that you should keep in mind.

  • Be polite when you leave comments. I'm all for constructive criticism, but don't be rude about it, or you'll find yourself locked out of this community faster than you can say your own name.
  • You CAN request fic here if you'd like, but please keep in mind this is a Robert/Kristen fic community. I've played around with the idea of finally writing an Edward/Bella piece, but I still haven't done it yet -- feel free to push me to do it. And on another note, I have stuff that I desperately need to finish, so I won't get to any requests any time soon -- the request post will go up when I'm ready for it.
             **There will be a special post where you'll request your fic. Link will go up when it's been created.**
  • Be nice to the other members of this community. You're all here for the same reason -- to read my work. If I see any behavior that I don't like, I'll take the appropriate action (which means I'll probably kick you out).
  • Every month, I'll have what I like to call a "Fic Spotlight." I'm always reading R/K fiction all around LJ, and every now and then I'll find a story I really like. If I pick yours -- which could happen -- I'll message you to ask permission. Assuming you say yes to me posting it, I'll put it up here at the community, with a link back to your journal (effectively promoting your work -- and who doesn't like that?), and you'll be forever a part of the Spotlight Hall of Fame, which will be posted on our profile page. You'll also get a wicked awesome banner, made by me, that you can display on your profile -- a.k.a. bragging rights :) SO START WRITING!